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Tool for searching for DM spawners on the broker, if you have ProfitUI

Recently, I got tired of typing in everytime I wanted to look for dungeon spawners, so I added some lines to the _ProfitUI_Market_Favorites6.txt in ProfitUI’s folder. You can download the zip file here, or you can copy/paste the lines shown after the break into the txt file mentioned.¬† (To conserve¬†space, you may want to delete the space between each line.)

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Minstrel Cycle Ten

It’s been a while since I’ve done a MC, so to make up for it, I recorded 6 songs for you all.

I have wanted to post a few of them for quite some time, but I wanted five or more, and although I have written about 15 parodies since the last minstrel cycle, these 6 are the ones for which I could find instrumental tracks.

So, without further ado, I give you Minstrel Cycle 10: Continue reading ‘Minstrel Cycle Ten’

Thoughts about RMT and F2P. And lemonade.

I see a lot of people on different sites expressing what can only be described as “nerd rage” about Real Money Transfer (RMT) and Free To Play (F2P) games.

These people get up in arms when a game company has the gall to attempt to make a profit. Some even quit the game because they don’t support it. Continue reading ‘Thoughts about RMT and F2P. And lemonade.’

Thoughts of the century.

(Warning: This post is image heavy, so don’t click on more unless you are sure you have a decent video card.)

We all know that the Destiny of Velious is the next expansion, albeit presumably one without a level cap increase. Whatever the next one after that is going to be called, it will, without a doubt, be a milestone.

What I mean is that the level cap on the expansion after next will, I assume, be raised to 100. Tradeskilling, Adventuring, and Guild levels will all have the caps raised to the century mark. With this being an important milestone, it may be time to make some changes to the game to allow us to “take things to the next level”. Continue reading ‘Thoughts of the century.’

The BGs and Gandhi.

During the British occupation of India, in 1918, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi, organized a movement of passive resistance known as Kheda Satyagraha. By this means, he was eventually able to free India from British rule.

In the battlegrounds, colloquially known as the BGs, invariably one will find oneself faced with premade groups. These groups tend to be geared exceptionally well. They also know how each member of the team will act in a given situation. To word it another way, perhaps a bit melodramatically, they are a well-oiled, face-rolling machine. Continue reading ‘The BGs and Gandhi.’

A Chair to Kneel Upon

I would love to go to Fan Faire this year. I really would. Unfortunately, however, not only did I apparently miss the deadline to purchase the platinum pass, I am also quite busy and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future.

Since I won’t be able to go, I can only call upon others to do something in my stead.

I need everyone who is planning on going to kneel on chairs.

I know that this sounds like a rather weird request, but there is a reason behind it. Everquest II is the game I play, and the game I love. However, even after 6 years since release, they still haven’t figured out a way to make our characters sit down in a chair properly. Your characters, being residents of a completely virtual environment, will not be able to make their voices heard. Therefore, you must represent them to the developers.

The quickest, and least likely to get someone booted from the Faire, method to achieve this is to sit the way that your character would. I have a feeling that if the devs see a room full of people kneeling when they should be sitting, they will get the point; even the ones that insist that there is nothing wrong with the way that summoners have been handicapped during the last 3 expansions.

So I encourage you to let the devs know, “We will not continue to take this one sitting down.”

Until next time,
Necrotherian Facepalmer

First Video

I uploaded my first video to YouTube the other day.

I made a higher resolution version, but it is too big to fit on YouTube.

So, without futher ado, here is my first video in HD.

“Kill a Halfling” by Necrotherian Facepalmer


Until next time,
Necrotherian Facepalmer

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