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Norrath Fashion Show

At the risk of sounding like an EQ2 fanboy, I will have to say that I am happy about the new armors and clothing that they are releasing.

Used to be, you could travel around Norrath and, aside from the colors of the armor/clothing every mage looked the same, as did priests, scouts, and fighters. With the new Station Marketplace armor/clothing that they have released over the past few months, combined with the TSO Faction and Shard armor, together with the event armor from the Spires vendor, there are more choices than you could shake a gnome-on-a-stick at. Continue reading ‘Norrath Fashion Show’



As posted here, This weekend will be a double Smedbucks weekend. What that means is that you will receive twice the number of Smedbucks for redeeming “any pre-paid Free Realms Station Cash retail game card”. Continue reading ‘SmedbucksSmedbucks’

From the Cherry Grove

1 September 2009 saw some new furniture added to the Station Cash Marketplace in EQ2 (aka the SmedBucks Store).

While I don’t agree with most of what the RMT Store has, I would be lying if I said I didn’t like the armors and furniture that has become available through the EQ2 Marketplace.

I also have the latest installment of furniture to thank for five server “discos”.
Continue reading ‘From the Cherry Grove’