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The Music Man, Part Three

The Music Man, Part Two sort of promised that this post would feature the contents of Boisterous Ballads for Bards, Volume II. Therefore, being a man of my word –I’m evil, not immoral or amoral– this post will, in fact, feature it. (Warning, this post is rather image heavy.) Continue reading ‘The Music Man, Part Three’


The Music Man, Part Two

(Warning: The following post is image heavy.)

For those who read the original The Music Man post, you may have noted that I referred to Jethal of the guild Legion of Kithicor, on AB server. I finally contacted him in game. This was about a month ago. I sent him two of my songs, “Had a Bad Raid” and “You give PUGs a bad name”. Continue reading ‘The Music Man, Part Two’

The music man.

Some of you who know me in game, know that I enjoy making parodies of modern(-ish) songs with an EQ2 theme. I’m not Jethal of Legion of Kithicor, by any means, but I have made enough songs to fill 3 player-made books, which are titled “Boisterous Ballads for Bards, Vols. I, II, and III”. Continue reading ‘The music man.’

The Bookie

Yesterday, I made two more books. (And mom said I would never publish) 8D

The titles are: Boisterous Ballads for Bards, Vol. II and You can’t spell YOU without Y or O (Unless you want to look like a moron). Finally, I have a forum in which I can express my views of others idiocy (as long as I don’t use the words idiot or imbecile in the title). Continue reading ‘The Bookie’

The Bookbinder, Rings, and Things

This past week has seen many changes. With the advent of GU 52, another questline opened, the Order of Rime (which I mentioned previously), Player-written books (with a quest for Sages) became available, and, today, the monthly “ring” event happened. Continue reading ‘The Bookbinder, Rings, and Things’

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