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My Mythical

Saturday night/early Sunday morning, things didn’t look good. The raid started, and, despite being there early, at first I wasn’t invited. I was instructed to wait outside VP, just in case.

After a couple of hours, I started to get a little hungry. So I sent a /tell to the raid leader, asking if she thought I might have time to grab a quick snack. She replied that the invite was incoming, so immediately, I forgot all about grabbing the aforementioned snack. Continue reading ‘My Mythical’


Blog Surfing USA

Surfing across several blogs, plus reading the writeup of the Dev Chat from March 23rd, there are a lot of things happening in Norrath.

Kendricke over at Clockwork Gamer talks about how The Powers That Be, over at SOE, (hey….that rhymed…sort of) have decided to push back the Fighter Revamp. In a nutshell, that means that GU 51, whenever they decide to release it, will not contain the Fighter Revamp. It is equally likely that it won’t be a part of GU 52 either. I think the word used was indefinitely. Continue reading ‘Blog Surfing USA’

Circumstantial Happenstance or Happenstantial Circumstance, whatevs

A lot has happened in the last four days. Unfortunately, most of it has not been in EQ2. Went to the doctor, and he recommended another 30 days off. (Yay!) Continue reading ‘Circumstantial Happenstance or Happenstantial Circumstance, whatevs’

Nexona gets a hat trick.

Well, the title about says it all. On Tuesday night/way early Wednesday morning, we went against Nexona. She pwned us in the face yet again. We were doing pretty good until the LD monster jumped into the raid, then it was like, “Massive repair bill, here we come!”

It remains to be seen if Friday/Saturday’s raid will be a repeat or if we will make it past Nexona.

My hopes are up. But my expectations are down.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Lootsalot

Score: Nexona-2, Sabaki-0

Today marks the second time, this week, that we failed to put Nexona where she belongs (mounted on the wall at the guild hall). It wasn’t for lack of trying, but it seems like Najena server was practicing for Bristlebane’s Day. There wasn’t a pull (out of the many, many, many, pulls) that didn’t have at least one person LD. Continue reading ‘Score: Nexona-2, Sabaki-0’

Something still Myth-ing

Last night / way early this morning (3:00am CDT) my guild, Sabaki started forming for our raid.

You may wonder why we would choose a time like 3am. It is because Sabaki is based in Australia. Why would I pick a guild that is based halfway (or so) around the world? One reason is because I had raided with them when I was in The Dominion, and it was, in the words of my current Guild Leader, Cheetehs, who happens to be from New Zealand, heaps fun. Another is that when I was forced to leave The Dominion, due to a disagreement between myself and The Dominion’s Guild Leader, Ridomay, Sabaki welcomed me, and my 23 alts, with open arms. Continue reading ‘Something still Myth-ing’

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