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The Urge to Merge

When the merges were first announced, I was against them. I have since resigned myself to the fact that it is going to happen. Now the latest word from Amnerys is that the first ones are starting next week. I’ve included a link for those that want to read it straight from a red name, but for those that are too lazy to scroll down 5 posts, here is the direct quote from Amnerys:

Amnerys said:

Update: No new updates at this point. We’ll be aiming for sometime next week. Enjoy your weekend in Norrath!

Well, that is about all I have for now.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Facepalmer


Alas, no Halas

As you have undoubtably heard, Halas won’t ship with Sentinel’s Fate. Neither will Shader 3.0, although they have gone out of their way to bring us a not-fully-tested version of Battlegrounds. They won’t be out until at least GU 56.

That is about all I have to say, sorry for the linkfest.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Facepalmer

The music man.

Some of you who know me in game, know that I enjoy making parodies of modern(-ish) songs with an EQ2 theme. I’m not Jethal of Legion of Kithicor, by any means, but I have made enough songs to fill 3 player-made books, which are titled “Boisterous Ballads for Bards, Vols. I, II, and III”. Continue reading ‘The music man.’

The (viscious) Circle of Life

Rao over at Gestalt Mind brought up some good points in his post “An age-old issue“. A lot of that post resonated, in that I have been thinking through a lot of the same points, but from the other side of the table, as it were.

Recently, it has become more and more obvious that, unless you happen to be the best in your class within a guild, or within your community of friends, you are less likely to be able to improve yourself. Allow me to clarify that statement. Continue reading ‘The (viscious) Circle of Life’

The (not-so) Missing Link

Just getting the hang of linking, so that it sends a notification to those blogs that I have linked.

Not sure if I did it right, so I will “double-tap”, so to speak, by linking them from within a post.

But before I do that, I will give you a quick update about in game. Other than Shaineez reaching lvl 45, it was a repeat of yesterday. Continue reading ‘The (not-so) Missing Link’

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