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An Order of the Flame – To go.

I have spent a good majority of the time, since my last post, that I have been online trying to get that awesome looking flaming carpet. Unfortunately, due to the bug which prevents you from updating the Elemental Mystery questline, I haven’t been able to achieve the 50K Faction needed with the Order of the Flame (Not to be confused with the Order of the Blue Flame – which is something completely different and not associated with EQ2 in any way) in order to purchase it. Continue reading ‘An Order of the Flame – To go.’


And without further ado, I bring you: GU51

You may no doubt have already realized, by the way your patcher seems to be taking forever to load, that SOE has snuck in the much awaited Game Update 51.

Here is a list of the Update Notes from the Game Update, with italicized editorial comments by yours truly: Continue reading ‘And without further ado, I bring you: GU51’

Blog Surfing USA

Surfing across several blogs, plus reading the writeup of the Dev Chat from March 23rd, there are a lot of things happening in Norrath.

Kendricke over at Clockwork Gamer talks about how The Powers That Be, over at SOE, (hey….that rhymed…sort of) have decided to push back the Fighter Revamp. In a nutshell, that means that GU 51, whenever they decide to release it, will not contain the Fighter Revamp. It is equally likely that it won’t be a part of GU 52 either. I think the word used was indefinitely. Continue reading ‘Blog Surfing USA’

Meestah Lava Lava

As reported by Niami Denmother (aka Mum), over at, there will be a lot of tradeskilling opportunities and changes in GU51.

Let me just give you a brief overview of the changes. If you want a more indepth coverage of the changes, click on Mum’s link above. Keep in mind that these changes are on the Test Server right now, and thus subject to change. Continue reading ‘Meestah Lava Lava’

The Many Faces of….GU51

Game Update 51, which was formerly known as Lucan’s Art of War, will now be known as Elements of Corruption. Continue reading ‘The Many Faces of….GU51’

The Fighter Revamp – The Good, The Bad, and The Extremely Homely.

With Game Update 51, Lucan’s Art of War, SOE will be, as the title of this post suggests, revamping fighters.

Among the things that they will change are how fighters gain, and maintain, aggression (aggro – not to be confused with agro, which has something to do with farming). There are different ways they will accomplish this feat. Continue reading ‘The Fighter Revamp – The Good, The Bad, and The Extremely Homely.’

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