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Norrath Fashion Show

At the risk of sounding like an EQ2 fanboy, I will have to say that I am happy about the new armors and clothing that they are releasing.

Used to be, you could travel around Norrath and, aside from the colors of the armor/clothing every mage looked the same, as did priests, scouts, and fighters. With the new Station Marketplace armor/clothing that they have released over the past few months, combined with the TSO Faction and Shard armor, together with the event armor from the Spires vendor, there are more choices than you could shake a gnome-on-a-stick at. Continue reading ‘Norrath Fashion Show’


The Bookbinder, Rings, and Things

This past week has seen many changes. With the advent of GU 52, another questline opened, the Order of Rime (which I mentioned previously), Player-written books (with a quest for Sages) became available, and, today, the monthly “ring” event happened. Continue reading ‘The Bookbinder, Rings, and Things’

The (viscious) Circle of Life

Rao over at Gestalt Mind brought up some good points in his post “An age-old issue“. A lot of that post resonated, in that I have been thinking through a lot of the same points, but from the other side of the table, as it were.

Recently, it has become more and more obvious that, unless you happen to be the best in your class within a guild, or within your community of friends, you are less likely to be able to improve yourself. Allow me to clarify that statement. Continue reading ‘The (viscious) Circle of Life’

Don’t try this at home….otherwise, we’ll just laugh at your stupidity.

Ok. The title has really nothing to do with the post, except for the word “home”, and that won’t be until later on in the post.

The day started like many – in pain. So I laid in bed as long as I could, which turned out not to be that long, as the wife wanted me to help look for the printer cables. Well, we didn’t find them at that point. Anyway, being up already, I decided to log on to EQ2. I checked the broker, did some harvesting to supplement my shiny income, then I lay down for a mid-day siesta.

Note: For those out there who think they are going to correct my grammar, lay, in the manner in which I used it, is the past tense of lie, as in to lie on a bed. If you don’t believe me, do a google search for lie versus lay. I’ll wait. Continue reading ‘Don’t try this at home….otherwise, we’ll just laugh at your stupidity.’

Circumstantial Happenstance or Happenstantial Circumstance, whatevs

A lot has happened in the last four days. Unfortunately, most of it has not been in EQ2. Went to the doctor, and he recommended another 30 days off. (Yay!) Continue reading ‘Circumstantial Happenstance or Happenstantial Circumstance, whatevs’

The agony of da feet.

I’d love to say that I spent most of the day leveling my alt. And I did, in fact, spend most of the time I was in-game leveling my alt inquisitor, Shaineez. Unfortunately, I didn’t play for more than 3-4 hours all day.

I spent most of my time today asleep, with my feet elevated, trying to reduce the swelling. Right now, my feet look like the model used to design Shrek’s feet. It is hard to move them around and they hurt….a lot.

I will still post on here, but don’t expect any long posts until I start feeling better.

Something Myth-ing

Well. I was hoping to be able to tell you that I got my Mythical today. Alas, it didn’t happen.

I showed up for the raid early, I planted the flag in front of the door to VP, I even made sure I had my raid spec and my 5 pieces of T2 armor. I made sure I had a handful (read around 100) of every potion I traditionally use. In short, I was prepared to help put Nexona in her place. Continue reading ‘Something Myth-ing’

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