Thoughts of the century.

(Warning: This post is image heavy, so don’t click on more unless you are sure you have a decent video card.)

We all know that the Destiny of Velious is the next expansion, albeit presumably one without a level cap increase. Whatever the next one after that is going to be called, it will, without a doubt, be a milestone.

What I mean is that the level cap on the expansion after next will, I assume, be raised to 100. Tradeskilling, Adventuring, and Guild levels will all have the caps raised to the century mark. With this being an important milestone, it may be time to make some changes to the game to allow us to “take things to the next level”.

Although I am sure that many of you may not agree with me, that is fine. You have your opinions; I have mine. (Hey, that rhymed… O.o ) These are some ideas that I had to take things higher:


At level 100, allow a tradeskiller to specialize further. A carpenter can currently make furniture, wooden containers, repair kits, and altars. Specialization could allow a house item and altar carpenter to make items (which use double the amount of fuel) with twice the amount of rent status reduction. A kit and container carpenter could make containers with more capacity than a non-specialized carpenter; likewise, the kits could use less components to make and allow a wider range of usage percentages. Each tradeskill has at least two types of items that it can make:

Carpenters – Furniture, containers, repair kits and altars.
Provisioners – Food and Drink.
Woodworkers – Ranged weapons, wooden shields, wooden weapons, totems and harvesting tools.
Weaponsmiths – Crushing metal weapons, piercing metal weapons, and slashing metal weapons.
Armorers – Metal armor and metal shields.
Tailors – Cloth armor, leather armor, leather storage items, cloaks, and hex dolls.
Alchemists – Potions, poisons, and Fighter CA upgrades.
Jewelers – Jewelry and Scout CA upgrades.
Sage – Mage and Priest spell upgrades.

Therefore, each specialization could effect at least two areas of each tradeskill class. Admittedly, with the spell/CA upgrades, I am not really sure how they would implement that, unless they came up with a spell/CA tier between Master and Grandmaster (but more on that later.)


Before now, I wouldn’t have considered this, but with the upcoming server merges, this would be a possibility:

x8 raids.

Before people sit and say that it would be impossible, think about this – there is already a zone within the game that allows 48 players to be present: Smuggler’s Den in the BGs. Since there is already a framework, all that would be necessary is to populate a given x8 zone with mobs. To reduce lag, they could have 2 zone in points at opposite sides of the zone. Half of the raid (basically a normal raid) would be at each point and would be responsible for completing tasks that would allow the final x8 area to be accessed.

Each of the mobs leading up to the final area would be x4 mobs and have the standard x4 loot tables, but the x8 mobs would need to have a possibility of dropping better armor: Mythical armor. In addition, they would also have a chance to drop NO-TRADE or HEIRLOOM Grandmaster spells/CAs. This way, the only way to get those CAs or spells would be to run through the content (on your main or an alt). This would help bring some people back to the game that left with the advent of research assistants.


With guilds hitting the century mark, there should be T4 Guild Halls. These would be approximately the size of Qeynos/Freeport and essentially have all the amenities of a city. In addition to the current amenities, each hall could have a Golden Path quest giver which allows a character to get on the golden path anywhere within +- 5 levels (In other words, each stage on the golden path takes place at a certain tier; the GP quest giver would give the quest which begins the questline closest to that characters level – so a lvl 30 dirge would get the beginning of the questline closest to lvl 30.)

Additionally, T4 guild halls could have Holiday representatives which would become targetable during any holiday event and then give and receive the appropriate quests. Some might argue that this is making it too easy, but essentially all this does is remove some of the time-sink aspects of those quests.

With the T4 Karan and D’Lere guild halls, each secondary city should get a T3 guild hall (as well as T2 guild halls where they do not already exist). That would mean GFay, TD, and DLW guild halls. The neutral cities, Maj’Dul and Haven, should (at a minimum) get T1 and T2 guild halls.

The great part is that the architecture for these halls already largely exists. Maj’Dul halls could borrow from the layout of the Golden Scepter, and Haven from the Splitpaw Saga caves. The T3 for GFay could draw architecture from Felwi – er I mean New Tunaria, the Timorous Deep T3 from the existing Gorowyn layout, and DLW could primarily draw from parts of Neriak, specifically the architecture of Darklight Palace. See screenshots at the end of the post.

Well, that is about all I have for now.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Facepalmer


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