F2P and Velious

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Sorry, no witty title today.

There are two things I would like to talk about.

1) F2P – I understand the debate. I can foresee the inevitable server merges that might result after some people decide to move over to the F2P servers. What I would like to state, and granted, this is my own opinion, is that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The only bad part about server mergers is that other people, with better stats, might be able to supplant those in the top spots on the server that doesn’t move.
Back when I used to play the first EQ, my server, Bristlebane, merged with Solusek Ro. There were several other mergers that occured. However, if you take a look, they are still releasing expansions. That suggests to me that server mergers don’t necessarily spell the end for a game.

2) The other bit I would like to talk about is Velious. Apparently, there was enough of an outcry of disappointment when it was released that Sentinel’s Fate would feature Odus. The next expansion, targeted for levels 85+, will be Velious. We know this because they released the title, Destiny of Velious.

Zam in this post gave a list of the current features, all of which may change before release:

•Hundreds of new weapons, including Velium weapons
•300+ quests
•10 instances
•1 massive contested dungeon
•4 Heritage Quests including the Coldain Prayer Shawl
•6 Raids
•2 Overland Zones

There are more takes on this info at Massively, TTH, and EQ2 Wire.

Well…that is about all for now…

Until next time,

Necrotherian Facepalmer


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