Battlegrounds. Pros and Cons.

It has been a while since I last posted about anything that was not song related.

Part of this has to do with trying to get my Norrathian music “career” off of the ground. Part of it is that I have been getting my main to 90 in adventuring and (so far) 88 in tradeskilling. Part of it is that I have spent an inordinate amount of time in the Battlegrounds.

The Battlegrounds (or as it is known in some circles: The BGs) offer three different zones, each with a different goal. Below, I will discuss each zone, their goals, and the pros and cons of each. Finally, I will discuss some of the pros and cons of the BGs in general.

The Gear of Klak’anon

The first is a group instance in which 6 players square off against 6 other players, with the goal of holding on to the “relic” longer than the other team. The target score is 700 points. The Gear of Klak’anon is fast paced and can be fun under the right circumstances.

The leading strategy for this involves taking control of the relic and bringing it close to your base. The reason for this is that it allows characters to rejoin the fight quicker if they are killed. Voice chat is a plus, but it amazes me how many groups that I get stuck in seem to have a fear of talking over voice chat.

Unfortunately, this zone suffers from a fatal flaw. There is no (programming) logic in place to force the presence of a healer within each group before the instance starts. Because of this lack, sometimes there will be one group with two healers, while the other group has none. I have only been in one run-through where we won despite the absence of a healer.

The Battlefield of Ganak

The second zone is a x2 raid instance with 12v12. The goal for this zone is to return the opponents flag to your base, while your flag is present at your base. The target score for this zone is 400. This zone is quite a bit larger than the previous, and the action can be fast paced, or slow, depending on the actions of each team.

The leading strategy with this zone involves taking your fastest two players, preferably ones with the ability to cause an opponent to lose target, and having them sprint to the opposing base, then having them hide until the flag is lightly guarded. At that point, one of those players comes out of hiding, grabs the flag, and tries to sprint home. If done properly, the flag will be gone before the opposing team knows what happened.

The disadvantage to this one is that communication is not only a plus, but it is essential. With the length of the zone, there are to many things to coordinate in silence. Another problem I have seen is when one team decides to “zerg” the other and that team leaves little or no protection for the flag. At the minimum, there should be a tank with aggro-lock capability, a healer, and a couple of players with root capability.

Smuggler’s Den

The third and final instance pits two full raids against each other, each attempting to take over towers. The goal for this zone is 1500 points. This zone is, for lack of a better term, friggin’ enormous. It offers sustained play for those with plenty of time to kill, and it can be rather fun.

The leading strategy for winning this instance is to capture the center tower, which is worth 5 points/tick, and the east and west towers (3 points each/tick). The other two towers, north and south, only count for 2 points/tick, so those can be left to the other team. Once you have captured the three designated towers, have one balanced group at east, and another at west. Have two groups, preferably with DPS and a tank with aggro-lock abilities, plus a couple of healers to keep everyone up. Anyone that dies, at this point, should respawn at the tower that they died at, unless there was an overwhelming force. If that is the case, the group should respawn at center tower, get everyone together, then take that one back, as generally teams that attack with overwhelming force do not leave a very good defense behind.

There are a couple of disadvantages to this zone. First, the zone is freaking huge, so it will take a lot of time to complete. Second, because it is so big, there is a greater tendency for players to either go afk or to drop group and hide. That latter part allows those players to gain tokens without having to work for them.


There are some issues with the BGs, and one of them deals with Mythical Epic weapons. At level 84, the Mythical pet for Summoners stops leveling with the player. This, in and of itself, wouldn’t be a problem if other classes were similarly inhibited. At level 90, a Ranger can still use his/her Mythical Bow, which, apparently, extends the Ranger’s bow range outside of casting range.

Another issue in the BGs is that players have a chance to resist pretty much all of my spells, but, unless the other player is a mage, there is very little chance for me to resist the other class abilities. Also, as recently as today, they made it even easier for other classes to resist spells.

Am I saying that the other classes should be nerfed? No. I would never wish that upon any class. However, there needs to be adjustments made to the classes that don’t have much else going for them. It is fine that other classes can resist my abilities. I just ask that the powers-that-be give me an equal chance to resist theirs. That, and un-nerf the Summoner Mythical Pets.

If any devs bother to read this, I understand that one of the reasons that Summoners in general, and Necromancers specifically, were nerfed is that they are really good at farming. However, instead of nerfing a once fun class, you could institute punitive actions toward those caught farming.

Well, that is about all I have for now.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Facepalmer


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