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Minstrel Cycle Two

Here are a couple more songs. Hope you enjoy them. If so, please leave a comment. If you hate them, please leave a comment with constructive criticism. (FYI something to the effect of “ZOMG! J00 SUXXORZ!!!!!1111oneoneoneeleventyeleven” is not considered constructive criticism. It isn’t even considered good grammar.) Continue reading ‘Minstrel Cycle Two’


Minstrel Cycle

Sorry for the title, for any female fans I might have had (prior to this post). That said, I have a few songs that I have recorded that are EQ2 Related parodies. Some are songs that you have already seen the lyrics to, and some are new. Eventually, I will have recorded every song in the Boisterous Ballads for Bards series. Maybe then, I can think about making videos. Continue reading ‘Minstrel Cycle’