The shortest distance between two points (at 6 gold a pop)

WARNING: This post is rather image heavy.

As many of you are aware, the City Festival is winding down. January 7th is its last day.

You might be wondering, “How can I get the city tokens?”

Well, there are several methods. You can earn them in the comfort and safety of your guild hall, doing crafting writs. You can do one of three quests for an NPC at the festival. The quickest method I have seen involves a trip to Mara. This is assuming that you are a member of a guild which has the following:

– A Guild Strategist


– A Guild Portal Druid

Go to the strategist and grab a flag (assuming, of course, that your guild doesn’t have something more important going on.) Then head to the portal druid and get a port to GFay.

Once you are there, move to the tree “wall” in the upper right corner of the picture below, and climb it.

Once at the top, aim to the left of the leftmost tree in the center of the picture below.

When you crest the rise you will see a root.

Climb the root and follow it to the bottom of the Kelethin ramp.

Turn to the NW and you will see the City Festival.

Go down to the festival and talk to the troll with the feather over her head (Kella Swampfoot).
Kella Swampfoot

After navigating through the conversation choices, you’ll be offered three ways to get city tokens.

Pick the third choice and you will be given a quest.

Next stop is the Isle of Mara, but before you go, use your guild banner. If you were thinking ahead, you brought a [Return to Mara] stone (if you are confused at this point, it will be explained later.) If not, just call to guild hall and then use the guild bells to get to Nektulos Forest, then from there, go to the Isle of Mara.

Once you get there, talk to Gantrin Hammerstein near the docks.

Navigate through the conversation and he will tell you to grab some supplies. These supplies are located immediately to the right of the beginning of the pier.

Before you leave, pick up the Mara stone I mentioned earlier. It will cost you 6 gold.

If you weren’t already aware, to get the Mara stone, you enter the leftmost building in the picture below, then talk to Koros Splinterlimb, who will offer you all sorts of things, one of which is the Mara stone.

Once you have the stone, make your way back to the guild hall and use the strategist to send you to the guild banner. Then you turn in the quest, choose the quest again (as it is repeatable) and repeat the previous steps. Each time you complete the quest you are rewarded with 3 city tokens.

Well, that is about all I have for now.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Facepalmer

(Edit: Forgot to include the picture of the building. Rectified the oversight.)


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