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The Music Man, Part Three

The Music Man, Part Two sort of promised that this post would feature the contents of Boisterous Ballads for Bards, Volume II. Therefore, being a man of my word –I’m evil, not immoral or amoral– this post will, in fact, feature it. (Warning, this post is rather image heavy.) Continue reading ‘The Music Man, Part Three’


The Music Man, Part Two

(Warning: The following post is image heavy.)

For those who read the original The Music Man post, you may have noted that I referred to Jethal of the guild Legion of Kithicor, on AB server. I finally contacted him in game. This was about a month ago. I sent him two of my songs, “Had a Bad Raid” and “You give PUGs a bad name”. Continue reading ‘The Music Man, Part Two’

The shortest distance between two points (at 6 gold a pop)

WARNING: This post is rather image heavy.

As many of you are aware, the City Festival is winding down. January 7th is its last day.

You might be wondering, “How can I get the city tokens?”

Well, there are several methods. You can earn them in the comfort and safety of your guild hall, doing crafting writs. You can do one of three quests for an NPC at the festival. The quickest method I have seen involves a trip to Mara. This is assuming that you are a member of a guild which has the following: Continue reading ‘The shortest distance between two points (at 6 gold a pop)’

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