EQ2 Anniversary paintings

In the pictures above, you can see all of the pictures that are available in Freeport during the Anniversary Celebration. The last one is a quest reward.

The titles are as follows:

(1st Screenshot): Left – The Enchantress, Right – Prayer of the Righteous. (Ignore the big one in the middle, it was already there).
(2nd Screenshot): From the group of four: Top Left – The Blade Singer, Top Right – Love’s Last Arrow, Bottom Right – Shattered Soul, Bottom Left – The Hand of Hatred; Far right – Avenging the Crabs of Jarsath. (Ignore all but those, the others were already there.)
(3rd Screenshot): A Moment with Lucan D’Lere.
(4th Screenshot): Destroyer of Ordanach. (Ignore the painting of Asharae, it was already there.)
(5th Screenshot): The painting in the middle – Humble Beginning, Higher Calling. (Ignore the ones flanking it, they were already there.)
(6th Screenshot): EverQuest II 5th Anniversary Painting. (Yes, that is its actual title.)

From what I have been able to gather, all of these will only be available from the city merchants until November 30th. So if you want them, go get them while they are still available.


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