A Carnival of Air Circulators

Yes, the title is an obscure way of referring to Fan Faire. (And as you have no doubt realized, I specialize in the obscure.)

Anyway, yesterday evening, they officially announced that the adventuring level cap will be raising to 90 with the next expansion. No word yet on whether the guild or tradeskill levels will also be increased.

With the raised level cap, the question I anticipate will be on everyone’s mind is: How does this affect Mythicals?

Will they be able to be upgraded? Or will it require a completely different questline? I’m hoping that the answer will be the former. I would hate to have to start from scratch to have a decent weapon. It could be done pretty easily (from a lore standpoint), all they would need to do is to add a soul gem or something to upgrade it, fitting it into the pentultimate raid zone for the new expansion.

Another thing they could do is add a set of Epic Armor, with a fabled and a mythical set.

Well…that is about all I have….for now.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Lootsalot


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