Velious Dreams, and Things

As Tipa over at West Karana posted a couple of days ago, the next expansion appears to be Velious.

There are several things which support that assertion:

– The last update saw a severe change in the way that ice is rendered. With very few zones that have ice (Frosfell zones, Everfrost/EF TSO Instances, Permafrost, parts of Kylong Plains), why spend all that time, not to mention money, on something which wasn’t going to affect, by and large, most of the game in the near future?
– On test, you can find members of the Order of Rime faction. Do I really need to belabor that one with an explanation?
– I really want it to be Velious.

Ok….that last one isn’t a real supporting reason, but when has that ever stopped me?

In other news, Tinkerfest (which will happen for a limited time each month, and currently has one collection associated with it) is going strong over on test, as are a lot of things that will be released will GU52, which is currently due to hit live servers on June 18th. Among the things that should (and I say should because even though it is on test, it may not make it into this update) be contained in the update are player made books, tinkered furniture (with cogs from Tinkerfest), and Research Assistants. You can find the info on player-made books in these writeups by everyone’s favorite Denmum, a Tinkerfest preview here, and Research Assistants info here.

While, by and large, if the ingame economy wasn’t the way it is, I would not support a move such as this, because of the price gougers (And yes, I’m talking about you, Mr. T8 Soulrot (Master I) for 450p on the broker), it is almost a neccesity to have these. Lets do some “futuring” to forecast what the effects of these will be on the economy.

-First, the Research Assistants become available, offering players a chance to get Master spells without having to sell their children into slavery.

-Next, because players will now have a recourse to get Master spells without paying 450p for a single spell, the price on the broker for Master spells will drop somewhat, as the gougers decide that they want to move the product.

-Next, the gougers will focus on the Adept III (which will be known as Expert after the release of GU52 – more on that below), drastically increasing both the price of Adept III spells and rares.

-Next, the players will get tired of having to pay exhorbitant rates for Adept III spells, and will level up a sage to craft their own, and as rares will be high priced (at least those used for spells) more players will level up their harvesting, spending more time in zones.

The end result of that being that players are spending more time playing the game, which, from SOE’s standpoint, is a good thing.

Although this is only a suspicion, I believe that the players that are most vocally in opposition to the research assistants are the gougers and farmers, as they are the ones that stand to lose their monopoly on Master spells.

In yet other news, also with this update will be the consolidation of spell names, with a Roman Numeral after the spell name to indicate which one. So instead of having several different names for the spell that in T8 is Soulrot, the first is named Soulrot, followed by Soulrot II, Soulrot III, etc.

Additionally, the spell quality names are getting a revamp, as follows:

New Name (Old Name)
Apprentice (Apprentice I)
Journeyman (Apprentice II-IV)
Adept (Adept I)
Expert (Adept III)
Master (Master I)
Grandmaster (Master II)

If you want to know more, transfer a character to test (by using the ingame command testcopy add, and waiting 24-48 hours for your info to be transferred over).

Well, that is about all I have for now.

Until Next Time,
Necrotherian Lootsalot


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