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A Carnival of Air Circulators

Yes, the title is an obscure way of referring to Fan Faire. (And as you have no doubt realized, I specialize in the obscure.)

Anyway, yesterday evening, they officially announced that the adventuring level cap will be raising to 90 with the next expansion. No word yet on whether the guild or tradeskill levels will also be increased. Continue reading ‘A Carnival of Air Circulators’



Despite the title, this post is not devoted to those of inconsistent temperment. I just couldn’t be bothered to spend any more time on figuring out another word or phrase which contained the word “wish”. This post is primarily to list some things that I wish were different about Everquest II. They aren’t gamebreaking, nor are they items that prevent me from wanting to play the game, they are just things that I wish were in the game. Continue reading ‘Wishy-washy’

The Bookie

Yesterday, I made two more books. (And mom said I would never publish) 8D

The titles are: Boisterous Ballads for Bards, Vol. II and You can’t spell YOU without Y or O (Unless you want to look like a moron). Finally, I have a forum in which I can express my views of others idiocy (as long as I don’t use the words idiot or imbecile in the title). Continue reading ‘The Bookie’

The Bookbinder, Rings, and Things

This past week has seen many changes. With the advent of GU 52, another questline opened, the Order of Rime (which I mentioned previously), Player-written books (with a quest for Sages) became available, and, today, the monthly “ring” event happened. Continue reading ‘The Bookbinder, Rings, and Things’

Velious Dreams, and Things

As Tipa over at West Karana posted a couple of days ago, the next expansion appears to be Velious.

There are several things which support that assertion:

– The last update saw a severe change in the way that ice is rendered. With very few zones that have ice (Frosfell zones, Everfrost/EF TSO Instances, Permafrost, parts of Kylong Plains), why spend all that time, not to mention money, on something which wasn’t going to affect, by and large, most of the game in the near future?
– On test, you can find members of the Order of Rime faction. Do I really need to belabor that one with an explanation?
– I really want it to be Velious.

Ok….that last one isn’t a real supporting reason, but when has that ever stopped me? Continue reading ‘Velious Dreams, and Things’

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