On Einstein, Studying, and EQ2

In 1905, Albert Einstein introduced his now-famous theory of Mass-Energy Equivalence. The main formula used was E=M(C*C), or as phrased normally, E equals MC squared. In the formula, E represents Energy, M relates to mass, and C represents the speed of light.

Used metaphorically, E represents the amount of energy I have, M represents the Massive amount of things I have been taking care of for the last week, and C essentially represents the amount of time that I have had to accomplish said things. Recently, while my C has pretty much remained a constant, my E has become inversely proportionate to my M. IOW, I have had a lot more stuff to do the past week, with the same amount of time to accomplish that stuff, and have had less energy left to accomplish anything else as a result.

Therein lies the crux of why I have not posted in 8 days. I have recently enrolled in DeVry, working toward a Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulations Programming (BS-GSP). I have had to fight the battle for funding, but it seems like things might work out. Additionally, I have been studying for the placement exams, which involved my taking crash refreshers in subjects that I haven’t studied in about 20 years.

The placement tests are now behind me, and my Student Advisor tells me that I received a score of 80% in my math placement, 95% in my reading comprehension, and that my writing results have not yet been released.

During this time, I have managed to get in some time on EQ2, but not near to what I used to be able. I have been helping a group of friends, which helps me out in that I can earn shards again without having to mentor an instance down and solo it. This also means that I can now visit zones that I was previously unable to visit, due to the nature of the non-EF/CL/LS instances.

I’ve also been able to raid, recently being able to down one of the three remaining mobs for Trak access, Stargazer. Time will tell if I get to take down the last two tonight.

Well, that is about all I have about which to write.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Lootsalot


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