During the time since my last post, which seems ages ago, but has only been 6 days, I have been invited to raid several times, the first time since I got my Mythical. We were doing pretty good, and managed to get most of the way toward Trak access.

For some reason, however, last night they decided not to invite me. So it looks like I will need the last three mobs until my guild decides to invite me again. Such is the on again/off again relationship that I seem to have with my guild.

I have a good rapport with many of the members of the guild, but it seems, sometimes, like the ones who make the decisions, for whatever reason, tolerate me, but don’t seem to actually care one way or the other whether I succeed or fail. In addition, there have been several times where certain people would announce that they needed help, then when I offer my help, I am rebuffed. (Note: rebuffed means refused, not buffed a second time after dying.)

I don’t know the reason behind the powers-that-be not inviting me to the raid. Both of the Necromancers that were originally in the guild, prior to the recruiting “spurt” (which occured after we got VP access), were left sitting on the sidelines.

Not seeing a point to remain logged on just to wait for the unlikely chance that I would get a group invite, especially since, unless this invite were to occur prior to any of the three remaining targets being killed, I still wouldn’t have Trak access, I logged off and went to bed.

If my character was still putting out the kind of DPS that it did when I wrote my last post, I could maybe understand not being invited. However, since the last time I posted, I have received 3 of the patterns for VP gear, practically beggaring my self of guild points to do so. In addition, I have purchased Demilich Master I, Undead Horde Master I, Miragul’s Dark Heart Summoning Master I, and a host of other spells which have increased my DPS exponentially. I also adjusted my Summoner tree to tweak a little more DPS out of it.

I haven’t, however, been able to get many groups with my new raid build. Nor, apparently, impressed the persons responsible for raid invites.

I guess it is back to plan B, where I level up the Defiler.

That is all I have for now.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Lootsalot


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