An Order of the Flame – To go.

I have spent a good majority of the time, since my last post, that I have been online trying to get that awesome looking flaming carpet. Unfortunately, due to the bug which prevents you from updating the Elemental Mystery questline, I haven’t been able to achieve the 50K Faction needed with the Order of the Flame (Not to be confused with the Order of the Blue Flame – which is something completely different and not associated with EQ2 in any way) in order to purchase it.

Some of you may be nodding your head in understanding, others may be scratching your heads in confusion. Don’t worry, I’m used to both reactions.

Basically, the only work around at this point is to receive the quest Cleansing the Elements
or one of its two follow-on quests, Cleansing the Elements Again or The Last of the Elemental Cleansing, all of which are only completeable once per day, complete the steps that allow you to summon the Elemental Lords, then delete that quest prior to killing the Elemental Lord to receive the update.

I don’t understand why a bug like this would still be in the game, especially considering the amount of time they took to ensure that everything was working “correctly”.

I also took the time to do the Bristlebane Day Quests, although I wasn’t able to do the Tin Metal Protection Questline, as it was not repeatable, and I completed it previously. I will note, however, that the Collection Reward for the Impossibly Rare Objects Collection can be taken to Bristlebane, who is in The Commonlands (at least for Necrotherian, I didn’t complete the quest on any of the Alts) a short distance from the West Freeport Gate.

The Lord of Mischief will bless the item, which can be placed in the house and will cast an illusion form on anyone who clicks on it. (Note: I haven’t verified if this takes a certain level of access to the home in which the item sits, because I haven’t been able to convince any visitors to click on it – yet.)

As for the rest of the Game Update, I haven’t really done much, aside from completing both the Lavastorm and Zek “Red Shiny” Collection quests which have the Sootfoot Forge and the Blood Iron Forge as their rewards, respectively.

Well, that is about all I have for today.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Lootsalot


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