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Surfing across several blogs, plus reading the writeup of the Dev Chat from March 23rd, there are a lot of things happening in Norrath.

Kendricke over at Clockwork Gamer talks about how The Powers That Be, over at SOE, (hey….that rhymed…sort of) have decided to push back the Fighter Revamp. In a nutshell, that means that GU 51, whenever they decide to release it, will not contain the Fighter Revamp. It is equally likely that it won’t be a part of GU 52 either. I think the word used was indefinitely.

Over at the Dev Chat talked about a lot of things. I will try to summarize.

These are the items that they stated will be coming (with the SOE employees name that said it in parentheses), though not all of them will be featured as part of GU51:
(Note: Whenever possible, I used the exact words they did, unless I needed to rephrase for brevity or clarification)

1. A Guild-Only Broker Amenity (Greg “Rothgar” Spence, Senior EQII Programmer) – Rothgar stated that it will take some time to implement, and that it wasn’t the highest priority, but that it was still on the “radar”.

2. A possible revamp to the download and patching process (Autenil, EQII Technical Director) – Autenil stated that they were looking into a few different options for downloading and patching, and that they have some short- and long-term plans on how to address the problem.

3. The parseable hate information has been removed, but the hate meter should still be released with GU 51 (Rothgar) – It is a game feature that the dev team has been discussing for a long time, and therefore should be released with GU 51.

4. There may be some additions to this years, “Nights of the Dead” (Nathan “Kaitheel” McCall, EQII Events “Wrangler” and Quest Maker) – Kaitheel said that topping last year’s NotD is not a goal of this year’s, but there will be additional content. However, the exact type of content is strictly “We’ll have to wait and see” at this point.

5. A possible relook at dust distillation (Emily “Domino” Taylor, EQII Tradeskill Game Designer) – Domino said that she would look into the possibility of changing the dust distillation to allow (while using the same amount of resources as distilling them individually) distilling by stack. Also Domino said the she would look at the shiny pop rate in the Lavastorm Revamp.

6. There will be another Good-aligned city released to even the numbers (Kaitheel) – Kaitheel stated that the future holds another Good-aligned city for Norrath. However, he did not state when it would be released, or where exactly it would be. (I’m personally hoping for them to release Velious, with Thurgadin being the Good city – and it would also allow them to introduce the Shard of Mischief and the Shard of Growth, as the Planes of Mischief and Growth were connected to Velious.)

7. There may be a relook at tinkering and transmuting coming (Domino) – Domino said that they intend to take a look at tinkering and transmuting as we approach the next expansion, but that she wasn’t quite ready to discuss the nitty gritty details.

Well, that is a summary of most of the topics discussed. Toward the end, Autenil decided to rickroll everyone. This is the conversation leading up to, and including the rickroll:

Raven: And now the question on everyone’s lips…..
Raven: Is it true that Rick Astley will assuming the role of Antonia Bayle in the next 3 expansions? What does Heather Graham have to say about this?!

  • Froech: Am I too old? Who in the world is Rick Astley?
  • GlipSOE: Rest assured, we’re never going to give her up, let her down, run around or desert her.
  • SpyderBite: XD
  • Kiara: oh god… dying. can’t breathe.
  • Calthine falls off her chair
  • Kiara: Aaaaand Glip wins the dev chat! Yay!
  • SpyderBite: Glip wins for best DEV ANSWER EVAH!
  • autenil: Expansion preview:
  • Domino: he totally looks like Daniel Craig by the way 😉
  • Rothgar: Glip’s gotta make us understand.
  • GlipSOE: Thank you thank you, I’ll be here all week.

In other news, Nexona is still undefeated, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. So, unfortunately, this Necromancer still doesn’t have his Mythical.

Until next time,
Mecrotherian Lootsalot


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