Score: Nexona-2, Sabaki-0

Today marks the second time, this week, that we failed to put Nexona where she belongs (mounted on the wall at the guild hall). It wasn’t for lack of trying, but it seems like Najena server was practicing for Bristlebane’s Day. There wasn’t a pull (out of the many, many, many, pulls) that didn’t have at least one person LD.

I was put on shiny patrol on the south side (not south siiiiiiiiide, just south side, so please, no gang signs thrown here). I guess for the readers from England, that would equate to West End, or something to that effect, but I digress. (Keep your eyes peeled, I may do it again). I patrolled my assigned area with zeal of a…well…zealous person. (Dang you, sleep deprivation, keeping me from making witty analogies! Dang you to Heck!)(See! I did it again!)

Anyway, the raid started at 4:00am, and we finally called it quits about 7:00am. by this time everyone had used the “mender bot” at least once. As a 400 Tinkerer, I might have to make some extra FD devices. (Look! I did it yet again!)

To make a long story sh-, well, less long of a story, Nexona has pwned us twice this week. I just hope that she doesn’t decide to go for the “hat trick” tomorrow.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Lootsalot


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