Something still Myth-ing

Last night / way early this morning (3:00am CDT) my guild, Sabaki started forming for our raid.

You may wonder why we would choose a time like 3am. It is because Sabaki is based in Australia. Why would I pick a guild that is based halfway (or so) around the world? One reason is because I had raided with them when I was in The Dominion, and it was, in the words of my current Guild Leader, Cheetehs, who happens to be from New Zealand, heaps fun. Another is that when I was forced to leave The Dominion, due to a disagreement between myself and The Dominion’s Guild Leader, Ridomay, Sabaki welcomed me, and my 23 alts, with open arms.

I’m not going to go into the series of problems that I had with Ridomay in this post. While I have no problem with going off on tangents (which is to say, I don’t mind doing so), that discussion is in no way germaine to this one.

Anyway, as you may recall from my previous post, we had tried to conquer Nexona on the raid before this one. I geared up, well before raid time, and changed to my raid spec. I grabbed a guild banner, then waited for the rest of the raid to get ready.

Shortly thereafter, it was announced that the first raid would be Venril Sathir. Then they announced that they weren’t going to take a full raid, to provide less of a chance for people to screw up. As you may know, the VS raid is less about sheer DPS, and more about keeping your power between 40-50%.

After telling the Guild Leader that I was going to the gates of VP with a banner to await completion of that raid, I proceeded to do so. I headed to NFP, found a single guard, hailed him, then whacked on him with my OT Hammer a bit so I could port to JW.

Arriving at Danak Shipyards, I took the sokokar to Skyfire Mountains, then proceeded towards VP. I headed up the walkway, but got a little to close to the Level 83 ^^^Heroic guard on the right (no Right Guard jokes, please), and he/she/it (it’s hard to tell gender on a droag, and I didn’t live long enough to ask the guard for its a/s/l) pwned my directly in my face.

I revived back at Skyfire, rebuffed, then tried to sneak in from the right side. To make a short story even shorter, my sneaking didn’t work, so I revived yet again at Skyfire. This time, I chose to try sneaking in from the left. Through the judicious use of Feign Death, and waiting the 5 minutes for it to cooldown before standing up again, I was able to make it to the gates of VP.

Triumphantly, I informed Cheetehs that I had made it. He congratulated me and told me that he would let me know when to place the banner. So I waited. Then, I waited some more, followed by even more waiting. Finally, around 5:45 am, Cheetehs sent me the word to place the banner. I did so, then waited for the raid invite.

By the time the raid made it to VP, they decided that they were going to hit Elder Ekron and Druushk, then call it a night. After extracting a promise that they wouldn’t hit Nexona till the next raid, I called back to the Guild Hall, checked to broker, then logged off and went to bed, dreaming of finally getting my Mythical Epic Weapon.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Lootsalot


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