Back to (the) back

Well, today they removed the staples from my incision. They also were stumped, when I asked why my feet and ankles were swelling so bad. They offered several possibilities, among those being medication interaction problems or venous blood clots, but said that none of them could be ruled out at this point. Therefore I get to go on Saturday for X-rays to ensure that I don’t have any venous clotting in my legs, which, if clots were present in my legs, and if said clots were to break loose, could conceivably cause any number of adverse problems, up to, and including the big D (not Divorce, but Death).

Needless to say, this worries me a slight bit.

However, if I don’t post for a few days, don’t assume that I have kicked the bucket, punched my last timecard, met the maker, hit snake-eyes in the game of life, run out of 1UPs, went the way of disco, encountered an unrecoverable fatal error, went to the blue screen in the sky, or any number of other euphemisms for dying. I may just be spending time with my feet elevated and can’t be troubled to hobble over to the computer.

I will try to keep posting regularly to avoid people assuming that my possessions are now available for redistribution.

Until my next update,
Necrotherian Lootsalot


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