Pavlov’s Broker

Its been a while since I posted, and for that, I truly apologize. My sleep schedule is sort of wonky, and I have been having pain problems stemming from the back surgery I had in February. I have spent some of my time playing EQ2, but have ended up spending a lot of time awake, in bed, with my feet elevated, trying to reduce the swelling. During one of those elevation sessions, an idea occured to me.

Some, maybe all, maybe none, of you are familiar with the term Pavlovian Response. For those that have potentially never heard of a Pavlovian Response, here is a brief scientific history lesson.

Ivan Pavlov was a Russian scientist. Utilizing dogs, as well as other creatures, he was able to demonstrate conditioned reflex or conditioned response. In the case of the dogs, he would ring a bell before he fed them. After a little while, the act of ringing the bell would cause the dogs to salivate in anticipation of the food.

What, you might ask, does that have to do with EQ2? Simple. Utilizing the principle of reward for certain behavior, I devised a Pavlovian experiment of my own. I wanted to see if, by buying only those fertilizer items (small bag of compost, flask of enchanted water, large meaty bone, etc) that were selling for less than 10g on the broker, I could cause more people who, up to that time, had listed the aforementioned items in excess of 10g for less.

I am happy to report that, so far, the experiment is a success. I currently have twice as many of the items mentioned above, than I expected, AND I spent half as much money to purchase them. That is phase one of the experiment.

Phase two of the experiment is to gradually lower the purchase threshold. So for 2-3 days, I will buy everything less that 9g, followed by 2-3 days @ 8g, etc. I will report the success, or lack thereof, here.

Well, I guess that is all for now.


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