Meestah Lava Lava

As reported by Niami Denmother (aka Mum), over at, there will be a lot of tradeskilling opportunities and changes in GU51.

Let me just give you a brief overview of the changes. If you want a more indepth coverage of the changes, click on Mum’s link above. Keep in mind that these changes are on the Test Server right now, and thus subject to change.

Red Shiny Collections

Sootfoot Forge

Sootfoot Forge

Blood Iron Forge

Blood Iron Forge

For those who have their Earring of the Solstice, there will be two new red shiny collections. One will be found in Lavastorm, which gives you a Sootfoot Forge (left picture), and one in Zek which gives you a Blood Iron Forge (right picture). (Note: The above pictures are the property of Sony Online Entertainment.)

The Sootfoot Forge allows you to craft the new Sootfoot Magma armor. The Blood Iron Forge allows you to craft the DFC Blood Iron armor sets. These forges can be placed in either your house or, if your guild gives you permission, in your Guild Hall. Note: These red shinies are not only LORE, but they are also NO-TRADE.

Guild Hall Trophies

Crafters, having enough faction (40K) with their tradeskill society, will be allowed to purchase Reflections of the Grandmasters, Vol. II. Once scribed, high-level tradeskillers will be able to create Guild Hall Trophy Pedestals. This is a level 75 Artisan recipe utilizing the Geomancy technique created on a Work Bench. This recipe will require 1 Reflective Smoldering Shard, 3 Deklium Clusters, 2 Raw Kunzite, 1 Ferrite Cluster, and 10 smoldering coal. Bear in mind that the resulting item cannot be placed in the Guild Hall – yet.

Some Epic mobs will drop a body part (conveniently placed in a crate) as a trophy. With both the crate and the pedestal in your inventory, right-click on the crate, then select use. This will mount the body part upon the pedestal, which can then be placed in the guild hall.

New Crafting Mission

There will be a new Crafting Mission entitled, “Emergency Portal Repairs”. While it does have some feature in common with the previous Crafting Mission, for example you must still craft 3 each of 9 items 4 times. However, the dev team has added a few “M. Night Shyamalan-esque” twists.

First, the port stone from Mara will zone you to the overlook in Moors of Ykesha. You will then talk to the balloon coordinator, who will give you a special conversation option that will zone you to the tradeskill instance.

You will zone into a scene where a group of adventurers did not quite make it. There will be bodies of adventrers and mounts all over the place. A meteor destroyed the portal that was to be the survivors way out. The people charged with repairing it have fallen behind in their work, and they need your help.

After talking with the foreman, you will need to collect components. These aren’t neatly arranged around the crafting area. You will need to harvest armor and jewelry from the dead adventurers, meat from the dead mounts, some items from harvest nodes, and some items from slow-moving void residue.

Change In Crafted Held Items

There will be a revamp of crafted idols, orbs, shields, symbols and tomes. The stats will be greatly increased to be more in line with looted/quested items. Additionally, with shields, Round, Tower and Kite shields will be able to be Imbued but not Blessed, while Bucklers will be able to be Blessed but not Imbued. As more information becomes avaiable on this issue, I will post about it.

Sootfoot Magma Armor

There will be a new set of armor available with GU51. As mentioned above, the Sootfoot Magma Armor can only be crafted on a Sootfoot Forge. These pieces are equipable by all adventure classes, with a minimum adventure level of 5, and are LORE. There will be 3 different pauldron styles (Magma Flared Pauldrons, Magma Plain Pauldrons, and Magma Pauldrons), and 2 styles of greaves (Magma Skirted Greaves and Magma Greaves).

There will be a quest series from which the crafter will receive the recipe and a NO-TRADE mold (plus a healthy chunk of tradeskill and AA XP). You will need one mold per piece. Once you have enough faction with the Sootfoot Goblins, they will allow you to purchase additional molds. If you are wanting a complete set for your appearance, it is not necessary to create the forearms or feet, as they will not be visible.

That is all the information I was able to glean. As more becomes available, I will create a post addressing it. Note: At this time, the date that GU51 will go live has not yet been released.


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