launches. Plus some news from

As reported by Ogrebear over on Ogrebear’s Thoughts, has launched.

Right now it seems they just have the frontpage, plus some news items for each MMO they cover. Clicking on the EQII link takes you to the EQII Allakhazam site.

Here are a couple of the news items I found on the Zam site:

  • According to Emily “Domino” Taylor, EQII Tradeskill Developer, players will no longer be able to craft No-Trade gear while the crafter possesses the No-Trade component. One of the results of this change is that crafters with the Void Shards will no longer be able to “sell” their shards by crafting the gear and supplying the Void Shards.
  • According to Jennifer “Kirstie” Gerull, EQII Mechanics Supervisor, a new feature will be coming for EQII: Research Assistants. The way that these will basically work is you will send a research assistant (RA) off to research the next upgrade for a spell. After a certain amount of time, the RA will return with your upgrade. While researching the Adept I version of a level 20 spell might take only an hour, researching the Master I version of a level 80 spell might take as long as, or longer than, a month. Additionally, you must have the previous version of the spell in order to receive the upgrade. In other words, to get a Master I version of a spell, you must already have scribed the Adept III version of the spell. However, there is no restriction on the source of the scribed version, so regardless whether you bought the Adept III that you scribed, had it provided by a friendly neighborhood sage, or got it from a RA, you can have the RA research the Master I version. Note that you can only have the RA research one spell at a time. Finally, there is no word at this time about when this feature will go live.

As soon as I know more, you’ll know more.


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