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Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane strikes again

The 31st of March marks the beginning of another seasonal Event: Bristlebane Day (week is more like it).

Bristlebane Day Impossible Items Collection

Bristlebane Day Impossible Items Collection

Bristlebane Day is the yearly occurrence which corresponds to April Fools Day. It is named after Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane, the patron diety of Thieves and Tricksters.

In celebration of Bristlebane Day, there will be several quests, each with its own unique reward. Some quests will only be available on April 1st. There will also be a collection quest, so look for purple “shinies” in Antonica, The Commonlands, Darklight Wood, Timorous Deep, or Greater Faydark. (See picture on right)

The Bristlebane Day celebration begins on March 31st and ends on April 9th. So head out, have fun and don’t be afraid to prank at least one person. Unless that person is me. In that case, be afraid. Be very afraid.

For more information about Bristlebane Day, head to EQ2Players.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Lootsalot


My Mythical

Saturday night/early Sunday morning, things didn’t look good. The raid started, and, despite being there early, at first I wasn’t invited. I was instructed to wait outside VP, just in case.

After a couple of hours, I started to get a little hungry. So I sent a /tell to the raid leader, asking if she thought I might have time to grab a quick snack. She replied that the invite was incoming, so immediately, I forgot all about grabbing the aforementioned snack. Continue reading ‘My Mythical’

Don’t try this at home….otherwise, we’ll just laugh at your stupidity.

Ok. The title has really nothing to do with the post, except for the word “home”, and that won’t be until later on in the post.

The day started like many – in pain. So I laid in bed as long as I could, which turned out not to be that long, as the wife wanted me to help look for the printer cables. Well, we didn’t find them at that point. Anyway, being up already, I decided to log on to EQ2. I checked the broker, did some harvesting to supplement my shiny income, then I lay down for a mid-day siesta.

Note: For those out there who think they are going to correct my grammar, lay, in the manner in which I used it, is the past tense of lie, as in to lie on a bed. If you don’t believe me, do a google search for lie versus lay. I’ll wait. Continue reading ‘Don’t try this at home….otherwise, we’ll just laugh at your stupidity.’

Blog Surfing USA

Surfing across several blogs, plus reading the writeup of the Dev Chat from March 23rd, there are a lot of things happening in Norrath.

Kendricke over at Clockwork Gamer talks about how The Powers That Be, over at SOE, (hey….that rhymed…sort of) have decided to push back the Fighter Revamp. In a nutshell, that means that GU 51, whenever they decide to release it, will not contain the Fighter Revamp. It is equally likely that it won’t be a part of GU 52 either. I think the word used was indefinitely. Continue reading ‘Blog Surfing USA’

Circumstantial Happenstance or Happenstantial Circumstance, whatevs

A lot has happened in the last four days. Unfortunately, most of it has not been in EQ2. Went to the doctor, and he recommended another 30 days off. (Yay!) Continue reading ‘Circumstantial Happenstance or Happenstantial Circumstance, whatevs’

Nexona gets a hat trick.

Well, the title about says it all. On Tuesday night/way early Wednesday morning, we went against Nexona. She pwned us in the face yet again. We were doing pretty good until the LD monster jumped into the raid, then it was like, “Massive repair bill, here we come!”

It remains to be seen if Friday/Saturday’s raid will be a repeat or if we will make it past Nexona.

My hopes are up. But my expectations are down.

Until next time,
Necrotherian Lootsalot

GU 51, Where are youuuuuu?!?!?

I was hoping, when we got the notice that the server was shutting down soon, that we would be seeing GU51. Then I looked on the EQ2Players site, and it just said it was going to be an hour of scheduled maintenance. Looks like we might have to wait a bit longer. Continue reading ‘GU 51, Where are youuuuuu?!?!?’

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