Real life vs. EQ2

Have you ever done, said, or thought something in real life (IRL) that was EQ or EQ2 Related?

I have. Several times actually.

My wife, who is not a gamer (I bought her an account a year ago, her highest level character is a lvl 5 Fae Monk), must have the patience of a saint. Here are some examples of the things she has heard me say:

Her – “Can you help me move some furniture?”
Me – “No prob, it is easy, you just right-click, select move, position it, then left-click to place, if it is outlined in red, you can’t place it there.”
Her – “……………”

Her – “Wake up, we need to go to the store!”
Me – (in a sleepy voice) Let me finish medding, I’m still LoM! Anyway, why don’t you just use the broker up the road?”
Her –

Her – “Can you make the bed?”
Me – “Sure, what tier bed do you want made, and do you want HANDCRAFTED or MASTERCRAFTED?”
Her – “What?”

Her – “What kind of costume are we going to get for James?” (our son)
Me – “For NoTD? I can make him the sinister crafted set. I’m a carpenter, but the recipe is only 2nd tier, so it shouldn’t be that hard to make. If I get pristine, do you want the other one?”
Her – “WTF are you talking about?” (Except she didn’t abbreviate ‘WTF’)

(While visiting a friend that had a noisy dog)
Her – “That dog is growling at me.”
Me – “Don’t worry about it, it probably cons grey to you, so it won’t aggro.”
Her – “Huh?”

Of course there have been other times when EQ or EQ2 has come out in conversations with others:

Friend – “You coming out with us tonight?”
Me – “I can’t, my Faction with The Homemaker is Scowling right now, so I won’t be able to go out until it is at least Indifferent.”
Friend – “Dude, you lost me after you said, ‘I can’t’…”

Dad – “You gonna come visit us in December?”
Me – “Nah, we’re gonna spend Frostfell here.”
Dad – “Frost-what? Nevermind, I don’t wanna know.”

On top of those, I have been known to refer to the joint account that my wife and I share (we have 3: Mine, Hers, and Ours) as the shared bank.

Have any of you had similar experiences?


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