The zone less traveled.

Members of Sabaki after clearing Nizara

Some members of Sabaki after clearing Nizara

(Note: This post was originally written the day after it happened, but I forgot to save it and publish it before I went out to eat with my wife. Sorry to all that were there that I didn’t post it in a timely manner.)

A few weeks ago, after having discussed how long “Combatting the Corruption” had been in my Quest Journal, one of my guildies, Addee, decided that we should go complete it together, as we might have better luck if we brought more than ourselves individually.

We tried, we really did. But the encounter, where you have to defeat the waves of mobs prior to playing the Flute of Zan Fi, is designed to give you no rest between waves. As both myself and Addee are squishies, we made it to the last wave, then got summarily pwned in the face.

Deciding that there was no point in quitting, we contacted another guildy, Windwalker, a monk, to see if he would help us. After he got done with the group he was in (GASP! A monk? In a Group?!?!?!?!?), he sauntered his way over to where we were, and we managed to beat the encounter in record time (or at least what I assume was record time).

WW dropped from group as soon as we got our update, so Addee and I went to turn our quest in. The completion of our quest gave us access to the next level of the tower, where we met Master Lu Sywaka (Use the force, Lu!) who gave us the quest The Rift. This entailed going to the City of Nizara of which, although it has been in game since the Fallen Dynasty Adventure Pack was released, neither of us had ever heard.

Figuring that at the very least we would get Disco XP (we did), we would give it a shot. We did pretty well with the trash at the entrance, as well as the roamer that roams from the named ledge down to the door. The named, however, pwned us in our faces.

We sent out the call for more guildies. WW tried to come help us, but was unable to enter the zone because his lockout timer had not yet reached the point where he could reset it. We were able to get another squishy, Brimfire (or maybe Lawfire, his character’s names tend to sound similar, and those two are both squishies), who then brought in a couple more guildies, and we were able to complete the quest. We weren’t able to kill that last named behind the shimmering wall, because Brimmy logged after the quest was complete, and he just happened to have the item to make it targetable.

Zhen_Mei We finished up, went back to turn in the quest, which gave us access to the next level of the tower, then we got a quest from Zhen Mei telling us to go kill Chel’Drak,the Ancient Lord, a Lvl 75 Epic x4, which, at the lvl 70 level cap, was one of the hardest mobs in the game. Although we took the quest, we decided it would be better not to push our luck, so Addee and I left to do some TSO Shard Instances.


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