A Loss of Vision (Part 2 of 4): Scouts

This post is Part Two of a Four part series discussing, in my opinion, what “The Vision” should be. This post will be discussing Scouts. Some of my views have been expressed in other posts or replies within those posts.

In a perfect world, every class would have its role. Over on http://ratwarlock.wordpress.com , I posted about what I think the roles of the archetypes should be:

Born backstabbers and Ranged DPS specialists. These aren’t do-gooders out for merit badges. (Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!) These players should be the ones to smack the mob when its back is turned, leaving it wondering who the heck did that. Not that great at vis-a-vis combat, but able to root the target in place (caltrops, anyone?) then back off and give them a “Long Distance Dedication” a la ranged weapons, or to introduce the mob to “Extreme Backscratching”.

These are the Rock Stars of Norrath. Whether uplifting one’s group, striking fear into the heart of mobs, or using music to “soothe the savage beast”, these guys/gals prove that music moves the soul. On the flip side, these characters know it only takes one wrong note to turn a bar crowd rowdy, so it behooves them to learn enough to fight their way clear.

These are the Masters of Sad Songs, tugging at heartstrings. These guys/gals can calm a situation down with just a few notes on their instrument of choice. When the chips are down, however, they can also get a crowd fighting mad.

These guys/gals are always ready with an uplifting tune. A rousting melody played by these virtuosos can make a long trek seem like a walk in the park. They can thrill, they can dazzle, they can provide motivation and determination.

Whether the target walks on 2 legs or more, these scouts excel at hunting down their prey. Predators are able to track quarry through conditions that most people find impossible.

These guys/gals are the ultimate “fix-it” class, as long as the problem that needs to be fixed is bipedal and requires slaying. Not as good against multi-legged creatures, but one of the best classes if a humanoid needs to die. Assassins are masters of the silent kill.

The premiere hunters of Norrath. Anything with three or more legs is as good as dead. Rangers can still fight non-humanoid bipeds, but they excel at slaying animals. Additionally, there isn’t anywhere, within range, that these guys/gals can’t put an arrow.

These Scouts are the ultimate “Treasure Redistribution Specialists”. If you need a chest checked for traps, call a rogue. If you need a trap disarmed, call a rogue. If you need someone relieved of their wealth, call a rogue. If you need money…..call a loanshark.

Highway Robbers, Cutpurses, Lockpickers, these Rogues have many names, and most of them aren’t repeatable in polite company. These guys/gals believe that a fool and their money are soon parted. They also believe they should be the instruments of said departure. Backstabbing is a Brigand’s forte.

Whether operating as pirates, or just swordsmen (or women) with exceptional flair, these Rogues do everything with a dash of panache. Had they gone to High School these guys/gals would have been voted “Most Likely To Make an Entrance”. Though most people dismiss these Scouts as Popinjays, they really do know how to handle themselves in a fight, provided that they don’t have to constantly go face-to-face with their opponents.


Like I mentioned before, these are my opinions. Others might not agree, but such is life.


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