A Loss of Vision (Part 1 of 4): Fighters

This post is Part One of a Four part series discussing, in my opinion, what “The Vision” should be. Some of my views have been expressed in other posts or replies within those posts.

In a perfect world, every class would have its role. Over on http://ratwarlock.wordpress.com , I posted about what I think the roles of the archetypes should be:

The classic meatshield. Should not be able to do massive amounts of DPS, but should have enough mitigation to take anything thrown at him/her, shrug, and then ask for more. Should be able to tick the world off if necessary.

Pretty much the Meatshields of the Fighter world. They can soak up a lot of damage. As such, they are good at fights against large groups. Whether their ability to take a lot of damage and still keep fighting comes from determination or rampant disregard for one’s own safety, these are the guys you want with you when the end product of digestion hits the rotating air oscillator.

Smack ’em, punch ’em, kick ’em in the dingding, nothing phases these guys/gals. You can hit them all day and they will keep coming. They aren’t so much tanks, but locomotives. They are determined that, “None shall pass!” and have the ability to support that determination.

These warriors don’t know the meaning of the word, “quit”. They generally don’t know the meaning of a lot of words, but that doesn’t make them ineffective as fighters. They keep fighting until there are no enemies left to fight, regardless of the amount of damage they have sustained. Whether this is from “bloodrage” or simply a matter of not being able to process more than one thought at a time (that thought being, “Kill!”) is purely academic.

Holy (or Unholy) Fighters dedicated to spreading the word of their diety, by force if necessary. They tend to target the Enemy’s Leader, spouting the slogan, “Without the head, the body dies”. Sometimes this is easier said than done. In that event, the Crusader is prepared to mow down hordes of underlings to get to the Leader.

Crusaders dedicated to honor, valor, and holiness. These guys/gals call upon their faith to keep them going where lesser beings would have faltered. They believe that evil should be eradicated, and their faith provides them the tools to accomplish this.

These Crusaders stand for all that is Unholy. While underlings and henchmen fall by the wayside, the Shadowknight, fueled by hatred, grows strong from the fear and despair of others. With these powers in their arsenal, they work to further the cause of Evil.

Masters of the One-on-One fight. Whether fighting in the streets, gladiator arenas, and taverns of the city, or facing an opponent on the dojo floor, the Brawler is prepared to use his/her body as a weapon.

These Brawlers are raised on street violence (though the only caps that get popped are kneecaps). They know several ways to kill someone with their bare hands. They are the ultimate dirty fighters, always with a trick up their sleeves.

These Martial Artists have molded their bodies into deadly weapons. Whether in the dojo, or out amongst the populace, these Brawlers are masters of unarmed combat, but are also able to take on armed opponents by making their weapons extensions of themselves. Very few are those who can take on a monk and walk away unscathed.


Like I mentioned before, these are my opinions. Others might not agree, but such is life.


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