Joining the Dark Side.


Prior to this weekend, I had 14 “good” toons, and 10 “evil” toons. With all except Mwrrowrr (on the left) and Kalellian (on the right), and their class counterparts, there was an even division between classes. My guardian is good, while my berserker is evil. The same was true except for my druids and bards. Figuring that my Kerran Fury would have more “street cred” than my Half-elf Warden, and that the same would hold true for my Half-Elf Dirge as compared to my Halfling Troubador, I chose to change Mwrrowrr (the Fury) and Kalellian (the Dirge).

I started out, once I managed to get them exiled from Qeynos, to try to do the quests as they came up, but because I didn’t want to waste gold on spells that were going to be replaced, I was having a devil of a time trying to get through them. I finally got the Quest which takes place in the instance behind the Concordium in South Qeynos. This quest would prove, when combined with the bounties, the key to my success.

After finally getting enough faction with Freeport to enter without needing to wash my garments afterward, I went to NFP to the Temple of War where I had to befriend and kill a puppy. Lest you think that that was unnecessarily cruel, the mangy mutt bit me at least a couple dozen times, so in my opinion, the dog had it coming.

I just need the next two quest and the two notables listed above will officially be Citizens of Freeport.


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