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The passing of Heirlooms.

As posted by Niami Denmother over on EQ2Traders with the next update SOE will include the introduction of Heirloom Items.
Heritage Items are certain NO-TRADE items that may be traded between alts on the same account using the shared bank. Not all NO-TRADE items will receive the HEIRLOOM tag. Continue reading ‘The passing of Heirlooms.’


Altoholics of the World (aka Norrath a la EQII) unite!

Welcome to my new blog, Altoholics Anonymous.

I created this blog to discuss some of my characters accomplishments, as well as other items of interest – mostly pertaining to, or affecting Alternate Characters (Alts).

I have been playing EQII since around January 2006. In that time, I have created at least one character of each of the 19 races, and one of each of the 24 adventure classes, all with an adventuring level of 20 or higher. Among these are represented at least one of each of the tradeskill classes. I’m not counting the alts that were created and subsequently deleted. I am only counting the ones which I currently have. Continue reading ‘Altoholics of the World (aka Norrath a la EQII) unite!’